Bent Outta Shape Massage Butter Muscles knotted up? Rub out your kinks with this massage butter featuring Arnica, Calendula & St.John's Wort. These powerful natural oils provide the base for our Muscle Recovery essential oil blend. Directions  Easy, no mess application to any screaming muscles.

In the Clear Chest Rub  A petroleum free vapour rub! Perfect for the cold winter season where sniffles, cough or stuffy noses go hand in hand. Full of comforting aromas of eucalyptus, tea tree & lavender that are fresh & clearing.          Directions  Easy, no mess application to your back, chest, neck & feet. Recommended for children 1 year or older.

In the Buff Lotion Stick  You don't need to be an exhibitionist to use this butter!  Indulge your skin with this UNSCENTED lotion stick. It's packed full of amazing ingredients for dry, itchy or patchy skin! Pumpkin oil helps soothe itchiness. For those prone to eczema, calendula oil adds a healing touch. Neem seed oil known for its 'miracle wonder powers' adds an antimicrobial and antifungal boost! Shazamm! Perfect for use in combination with our Pumpkin Patch Soap Bar.

Sole Survivor Foot Butter  Rough, dry or cracked feet that have crevasses the size of Nevada? Always buffing, that tough, rough callused skin away? Soft, smooth skin is calling you! Simply apply this butter loaded with calendula & carrot oils at bedtime and put on some socks. You’re a Sole Survivor! This foot butter is packed with hydrating and healing ingredients. Calendula softens tough, callused skin & helps heal cracks while carrot oil helps maintain skin elasticity. Shea butter stimulates skin renewal & cocoa butter locks in moisture. Helichrysum essential oil is an incredible tissue detoxifier. Peppermint oil adds a cool & tingly feel. Use daily to heal dry and cracked skin. Directions Apply to the bottoms of feet, heels and toes using applicator. Slip on a pair of socks. Use daily to keep feet looking fabulously smooth & crack free. Great for maintenance between pedicures.

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