August 02, 2015

Clean Beauty

We're on a mission to make a difference! Our handmade natural products are TOXIN FREE and we want EVERYONE to know about it! There are choices for clean beauty products that are not only good for your skin but also good for our environment. We've entered 4 of our products the Clean Care Beauty Awards 2016.

September 25, 2013

Combat the GERMAPHOBES naturally

Change of season means busy schedules, stress and increased potential for sniffles, coughs & stuffy noses. A few ways help boost your body's resistance is to wash your hands over & over, drink plenty of water, and get your much needed sleep! Adding aromatherapy to your routine is also a great way to stay In the Clear & Breathe Easy!

Check out our line up of products:

In the Clear Massage & Body Oil - uses Ravintsara, Thyme, & Eucalyptus in jojoba oil in a travel sized bottle. This is a strong aroma perfect for adults on the go, who don't have time for the sickies! Roll onto your neck and breathe in the fresh aromas.
Breathe Easy Room & Body Mister - made with Eucalyptus, Tea Tree & Thyme essential oils is perfect for spraying bed linens, wiping down door knobs or counter tops with a fresh clean scent!
In the Clear Aromatic Balm - uses Eucalyptus, Tea tree & Lavender in a Castor Oil base designed for kids as a petroleum FREE chest rub. Not only can you put this on your chest, but neck, back & feet (followed by a pair of socks).


September 10, 2013

Sneak Peak of Our New Holiday Scent

It feels like 40F outside, I'm dressed in shorts and a tank top.....but it smells like heavenly baked Christmas pudding in our kitchen! We've added something new to the coming line up for Holidays 2013, this delicious scent is available November 1st! Watch for it under Holiday Features.....

September 02, 2013

A Fresh Start

We're so excited to share our new website! Its been a few months, but we hope you think it was worth the wait.  Our new format is easy to navigate and filled with loads of information and incredibly.

We'll aim to keep a current BLOG so you can see what we're up to, what's new or interesting facts that are making scents! We hope you'll check back often!

We offer a toxic FREE choice of personal care products that are safe, fun & effective!

Our hope is to make a difference one bar at a time!